Status: ✔ MET ✔ DCT DCT 10 mm x 10 mm

The MET Facilities @ Berkeley

Our goal is to make your visit and experiment the best it can be.​ ​Our experienced ​staff of scientists, engineers, and technicians​ are here to help you through ​the whole​ ​process, including logistics, experiment design, data analysis, and more. We look forward to working with you.

Patrick Naulleau,
MET Principal Investigator


The Berkeley Microfield Exposure Tool (MET) is the world's highest resolution EUV lithography tool. It is used by researchers from around the world for early learning in key areas such as resists, processing, and masks. The MET’s unique capabilities allow it to reach down to 16-nm patterning and below, giving researchers a clear and unparalleled view into the future of photolithography. To learn more about the MET, visit the Center for X-ray Optics MET page, which is geared towards a more general audience. This specific site is to serve our user community.